Living a Happy, Wholesome & Free lifestyle


Knowing what makes you “happy” and having the confidence to pursue it.  Establishing healthy boundaries in all relationships.  They shine from the inside out, consistently work on themselves, practice self-love, be authentic, and are positive and affect those around them in a positive way. 


Being your best authentic self.  Eating clean and healthy.  Being consistently active in a practice.


Having purpose and fulfillment in your career, living in a comfortable and safe environment and feeling free to express yourself sexually with whomever you desire.

About Us

We are strong, independent women, that want to entertain, motivate, and inspire you.


Why did we create Homolicious Living?   When we met, we discovered that we share a passion for helping others.  We were both looking for a way to express ourselves, share our knowledge and reach people on a deeper level.  Our chemistry is palpable, we are hilarious and we have so much fun together.  We are the best partners in crime and we have complete trust in our ability and dedication to do our best for our listeners each week.  We will talk about anything and everything that has to do with having a HAPPY, WHOLESOME and FREE lifestyle.  



I’m a mother of a great son, a wife to my amazing partner, a passionate learner, a certified relationship coach, a painter and a singer.  I enjoy exploring and having new adventures.  

My path led me to coaching as I explored discovered my passion for wanting to serve and help others. As a relationship coach with CATS Coaching  I'm Cat Citron and I have a passion to work with Individuals and First Responders to connect with who they are, communicate what they really want, to create awesome relationships. 



I am a strong, confident, passionate woman, leader and lesbian.  

I am a wife, a mother, and a self-help, self-care junkie! 

My passion employment is in wellness, spirituality, and inspiring HAPPY habits. 

I am very passionate about guiding women to find a "HAPPY Balance" mind, body, and spirit.  

 HAPPY Balance

"Inspiring one soul at a time!"


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