CATS Coaching


Create Awesome Relationships

I teach people who feel disconnected in their

relationships to:

  • CONNECT with who they are
  • COMMUNICATE what they want, so they can
  • CREATE awesome relationships in love and life

CATS Coaching



When I was 7 years, I was in art class and I drew Popeye from the back of a comic book, and it turned out pretty good (got a Gold Star from my teacher.)  That was where my love of art came from.  As I got older, I became interested in painting, and I began to explore the use  of acrylic paints and pastels to express myself.

See my art



Music has always been important to me.  I remember it was always playing in the car or house when I was growing up.  I learned to sing in elementary school, by imitating the voices I heard on the radio.  I was in choir in school and even played a few gigs in a country band in college.  I have a wide variety of musical tastes, and it's always been such a great way for me to express myself.

Hear me Sangin'

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