BALANCE with Cortney


I empower woman to find their HAPPY by bringing them home to their heart and soul.  

I am your guide to discover your passion, your gift, your best self, and a HAPPY Balanced life. 

I work from my heart and I work with love. I am honest and I am kind. 

Trust in me and we will find what’s possible.  

I will guide you on how to balance your mind, body, and spirit and support you on your journey. 

I am your friend, your sunshine, and your support. 

I gap the bridge from yourself today and your best self tomorrow.  

Connect, Explore, and Discover a HAPPY you again! 

Find Your Happy

HAPPY Balance


"HAPPY Balance" is a facebook group that is all about supporting your mind, body, and spirit to find a HAPPY balance. 

I am  passionate about inspiring others to find their HAPPY and make it a daily habit!

Please explore, post, comment, & share your authentic self with us.    

You are welcomed, supported. and I am here for you!

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28 Habits to HAPPY


"28 Habits to HAPPY" program!


During this course I will share with you a new HAPPY habit every day for 28 days. 

Being HAPPY is a choice we make every day. 

I have designed this course to teach you one HAPPY habit a day to LEARN it, DO it, and after 28 habits, BE it!

When we treat ourselves to daily HAPPY habits, it makes the choice to be HAPPY effortless.
I have made what feels impossible POSSIBLE with this program!

You will receive an email a day for 28 days with a new HAPPY habit to LEARN and instructions on how to DO that habit for the day.  

During the day you will be asked to “check in” with yourself to see how this habit feels and how it makes you feel. 

If it feels good then keep doing it!

Each day you will receive another HAPPY habit to LEARN and DO and the “BE” part of the equation is all up to you!
To make anything a habit, it takes consistency, patience, and a desire for change. 

Now is the time to say YES to feeling HAPPY!  

"28 Habits to HAPPY" program includes:

  • A new HAPPY habit email daily for 28 days
  • Inspirational video, description of habit, and exercise to help support the "HAPPY habit" that day
  • 3 recorded guided meditations to support your HAPPY
  • Unlimited email support throughout the 28 days 
  • 50% discount HAPPY help calls with purchase of this program ($100 value)


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